The Flower Ornament

The Flower Ornament is a physical place and collection of activities arising from the Maha Vaipulya Avatamsaka Sutra (The Flower Ornament Sutra) under the guidance of Master Laughing Cloud, author of “Taking The Buddha’s Teaching”.
We practice authentic Dhyana (Zen/Chan) Buddhism based upon over 40 years of Master Laughing Cloud’s arduous Zen and Chan practice. The results of this timeless practice are not imported, but spring from indigenous Western mind.
Dhyana or Zen is the Heart of Buddhism, and Buddhism is the unexcelled heart of Compassion for the liberation of all sentient beings


Master Laughing Cloud

Master Laughing Cloud (P.F. Martin) is a lay Dhyana Buddhist Master and author of “Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” .
From the very beginning, he made it his good fortune to be born into a painfully troubled family.

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Taking The Buddha’s Teaching

“Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” is an autobiographical account of a life journey along the Path of Buddhist Realization.
For anyone seriously yearning liberation from affliction, this book illuminates the truth that, no matter what obstacles are encountered, Dhyana Practice is Enlightenment.

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