Great Master Sheng-yen called Silent Illumination “The Practice of The Tathagathas”.

Silent Illumination is the simplest method of Dhyana Buddhist Practice and therefore can be the most difficult and elusive of all Buddhist Practices.
It is the sitting meditation we practice at The Flower Ornament.
While in sitting meditation, preferably in full lotus with hands resting in the Dhyana Mudra (hands gently placed, left over right, thumbs touching), we focus a point of concentration, be it the interface of nostrils with air or the space slightly above the solar plexus and illuminate each thought form or perception into awareness, then return it to silence.
This is the essence of non-attachment, the cessation of craving and ultimately the transcendence of birth, suffering and death.
It takes lifetimes to master.
However, through the portal of birth we don’t know what we have done in the past.
Thus we are blind to our potential.
Because we have come to this place in time and space in a sea of endless other paths means we have an affinity with this practice through its practice.
This affinity means we have already entered The Great Way of Buddhadharma.
All beginnings follow endings, all endings precede beginnings.
The practice of The Flower Ornament is dropping beginnings and endings.

Master Laughing Cloud

Master Laughing Cloud (P.F. Martin) is a lay Dhyana Buddhist Master and author of “Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” .
From the very beginning, he made it his good fortune to be born into a painfully troubled family.

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Taking The Buddha’s Teaching

“Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” is an autobiographical account of a life journey along the Path of Buddhist Realization.
For anyone seriously yearning liberation from affliction, this book illuminates the truth that, no matter what obstacles are encountered, Dhyana Practice is Enlightenment.

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