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Our world is poised on the brink of enormous change.

The defining judge of character is the defining judge of who and what will survive.


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No matter what, know that you and this world emerge from the same source.

How can it be otherwise?

Aryan is a Sanskrit word meaning Noble.

It is the realization of this fundamental source from which our character emerges.

The highest character is that which puts others ahead of small self.

Here glows the heart of True Compassion for all sentience and the ordered flourishing of all races.

Here lives the transcendence of greed, hatred and ignorance.

In this way, no matter what happens, those of highest character – those who are Noble – will bravely act in harmony with all that is for the flourishing of humanity, rather than retracting into their small self, thereby facilitating ultimate destruction through accepting popular fiction as truth, and the lies and dogma generated by those fictions.




We offer a direct way of changing the course of our lives and this world through the purest and most powerful meditation directly emerging from and returning to our own mind.

This supreme meditation is not foreign.

It is of the same source as Western Science, Engineering, Craftsmanship and Art.

It is the timeless heart-mind of Europe and North America stripped of the blind faith of religious dogma generated by institutions that put self and profit first.

It harmonizes with the proud nature of our European ancestors.

Despite what we are being told, world peace and personal sovernty of mind and spirit are being stolen from our heritage by the very institutions that are supposed to serve and  protect us .


Aryan Dhyana Buddhism practiced at The Flower Ornament is an open door to leave the clutches of fear, darkness and savagery and awaken within the inherent light of all being.

Here the shadow of impermanence no longer menaces because each moment is now something ungraspable, wonderful and not enslaved by before or after.

Things just as they are, are no longer things.

The burden of forgiveness and forgiven crumbles to dust when self and other are dropped for the freedom of non-attachment to self and other.

Past deeds dissolve because you are free to change, their burden illuminated, then turned to silence.

Future deeds change course and quality because the shackles of darkness have no hold.

In this way, all things emerge into light.

Even this light is returned to the silence of non-attachment.

Freedom of thought and speech, critical thinking, and awareness of the manifestations of evil emerge non-polluted.

Here true compassion beyond self gratification lives for the benefit of all.




The Universe is inseparable from Self.

How could it be otherwise?

It is only through false perspective that Self and Universe are split apart.

Splitting apart is the portal of human suffering.

There is a Way beyond suffering.

Here lives the timeless practice of Dhyana.



Laughing Cloud is a Master Teacher of The Buddha's Dhyana and director of The Flower Ornament.



Like The Buddha, We are Aryans

What is The Flower Ornament?

The Flower Ornament is a timeless web of interconnected Enlightening Beings who exist to allieviate human suffering.
It has been called the Aryan God Indra’s Web, and was expounded by The Buddha in The Maha Vaipulia Avatamsaka Sutra (The Great Flower Ornament Sutra).

Aryans Helping Humanity.

We are building a living network of Aryans deeply concerned with the direction humanity is being led through the facets of religion and media.
Anyone sharing this concern and willing to work to change is Aryan and welcome to be part of this timeless web no matter what religion and race they are.

Laughing Cloud

Laughing Cloud is a practitioner and Master Teacher of Dhyana, the Supreme Enlightenment Meditation of The Buddha.

Having spent over forty years practicing American Zen, Chinese Chan and later solitary Dhyana gives him a fresh, open, untainted perspective on the Buddha’s Teaching.

He is founder and director of The Flower Ornament, a place of practice emerging from The Maha Vaipulia Avatamsaka (Flower Ornament) Sutra.

His name is resonant with the Aryan Buddhist tradition of teachers such as Bodhisattva Mahakasyapa (Great Horse), Bodhisattva Ananda (Bliss), Chan Patriarch Hsu-yun (Empty Cloud) and Zen Master Hakuin (White Cloud).

The book Morning Flowers  An Authentic Buddhist Guide to Aryan Awakening is the result of over forty years of intensive meditation retreats in American Zen and Chinese Chan in counterpoint with equally intense isolated Dhyana practice in a farm house where he designed and built classic Northern European organs through which the music of Bach, Buxtehude and others emerge.

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