What use is a meditative practice that does not translate into our daily lives?

Zen Mind is everyday mind. It is nothing special, imported, given or received and functions whether we practice Zen or not. However, it is from a perspective of ignorance and delusion that affliction enters our lives, fueling the cycle of suffering and rebirth.

Why wait until you are dead to experience something better than heaven?

For that matter, why wait until you are dead to transcend a hell that you have carried with you?

To do so is like investing in unseen real estate in an area known for swamps, crocodiles and not returning after entry.

Why not enter a path of living/awakening to your full potential?
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Master Laughing Cloud

Master Laughing Cloud (P.F. Martin) is a lay Dhyana Buddhist Master and author of “Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” .
From the very beginning, he made it his good fortune to be born into a painfully troubled family.

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Taking The Buddha’s Teaching

“Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” is an autobiographical account of a life journey along the Path of Buddhist Realization.
For anyone seriously yearning liberation from affliction, this book illuminates the truth that, no matter what obstacles are encountered, Dhyana Practice is Enlightenment.

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