Israel and Fukushima

Please check out this article from our best (rabid) friend. The date of the Fukushima nuclear disaster was 11 – 11, (a Cabalist numerical coincidence????). It happened a couple of years after the German poodle...

Is Donald Trump The Manchurian Candidate?

Is Trump The Manchurian Candidate? Life imitates art....especially when it’s designed to do so. As last fall’s election unveiled all manner of evil in the form of smiling new age Democrats personified by The Clintons, it was only natural that thinking compassionate...

Invention #2 What is Life?

This life is nothing more than an open door to leave the clutches of fear, darkness and savagery and awaken within the inherent light of all being. Here the shadow of impermanence no longer menaces because each moment is now something ungraspable, wonderful and not...

The Birth of a New Physics

Physics was made mathematical at the turn of the 19th and 20 Centuries by an interpretation of events called “The Special Theory of Relativity” by  Albert Einstein. Although a brilliant exercise of borrowed mathematical analysis, it survived and flourished because ...

Zen, Science, Engineering and Psychology

We are only useful through the things we do for Others. This is the basis of civilization. These things do not solely flow from self analysis. Although introspection and a sense of shame for our less-than-perfect actions always has been a natural component of Buddhist...

Buddhism is not Foreign to Western Mind

Sanskrit, the language of Buddhist Teaching, is an “Indo-European” language spoken over six thousand years ago by the Aryan people who came from the north into India through what is now Afghanistan This language is of the same root language as those of Europe,...

Master Laughing Cloud

Master Laughing Cloud (P.F. Martin) is a lay Dhyana Buddhist Master and author of “Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” .
From the very beginning, he made it his good fortune to be born into a painfully troubled family.

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Taking The Buddha’s Teaching

“Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” is an autobiographical account of a life journey along the Path of Buddhist Realization.
For anyone seriously yearning liberation from affliction, this book illuminates the truth that, no matter what obstacles are encountered, Dhyana Practice is Enlightenment.

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