Some of the Benefits of Dhyana Buddhist Practice

  • Breaking free of the endless vexations that plague the mind
  • Seeing immediately the working of afflicted mind and tasting the freedom of mind beyond its slavery
  • Seeing for yourself the Nature of the Universe
  • Seeing your Self Nature
  • The wonderful freedom of entering fully into even the most seemingly mundane work.
  • Ever deepening appreciation of what is right before you
  • All emotional, physical and mental affliction is reprocessed into a way beyond emotional physical and mental affliction without denying or ignoring its existence. This is turning pain into joy without medication and its dangerous side effects.
  • Intensive group meditation retreats to deeply immerse oneself into the powerful practice of Silent Illumination.
  • The ability to bear and endure whatever comes your way in life with dignity and self reliance.
  • Changing the way you view things and thereby changing the direction you are headed from one of blind faith along the path of living, to one of empirical realization and experience from one moment to the next aided by the timeless teaching of The Buddhas as set down in navigational charts called Sutras.
  • Natural holistic retuning to the harmonious nature of our bodies thereby creating good health
  • Freedom from ineffective psychological analysing of the mechanisms of afflicted mind. Instead we focus on acknowledging our shortcomings and what the Universe is challenging us with, dissolving their affliction nature through powerful simple methods of practice incorporating the wonders of the physical universe, daily work, the never ending perfection and mystery of practicing mathematics, engineering and art.
  • The ability to survive and turn whatever emerges in life into something of benefit not only for yourself, but others as well.
  • The ultimate self-defence. Seeing beyond mind afflicted by impermanence and thereby free to take a life direction that is not trapped by thoughts and actions generated from greed hatred and ignorance that in turn generate greed hatred and ignorance as part of an endless cycle.
  • Finding inner peace without clinging to quietude. Dynamic inner peace is the womb of dynamic outward peace. Its realization changes the course of human history from one of destruction and annihilation to one of regeneration and caring. Here music, art, mathematics and science flourish in harmony with Nature. Thus by practicing Dhyana Buddhism, you are an important part of humanity’s survival and flourishing. Is there anything better you can do?
  • Results that you can readily see and feel.
  • The circumstances to meet interesting like minded people.

Master Laughing Cloud

Master Laughing Cloud (P.F. Martin) is a lay Dhyana Buddhist Master and author of “Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” .
From the very beginning, he made it his good fortune to be born into a painfully troubled family.

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Taking The Buddha’s Teaching

“Taking The Buddha’s Teaching” is an autobiographical account of a life journey along the Path of Buddhist Realization.
For anyone seriously yearning liberation from affliction, this book illuminates the truth that, no matter what obstacles are encountered, Dhyana Practice is Enlightenment.

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