Sanskrit, the language of Buddhist Teaching, is an “Indo-European” language spoken over six thousand years ago by the Aryan people who came from the north into India through what is now Afghanistan
This language is of the same root language as those of Europe, (including Latin) as well as India. It seems that this proto Indo European language was most similar to Sanskrit, and spanned continents for many ages.

To plausibly explain this and a growing phalanx of other new scientific evidence requires the trashing of many long held Western scholarly notions of the age and technical sophistication of ancient civilizations, the migration of races and the nature of our ancestors.
Language is a mirror of the mind.
Thus the timeless empirical practice of Buddhism is as inherent to the nature of Western mind and spirit as anyone else’s.
Within the timeline accepted by modern scholars, Buddhism was exclusively “Northern Indian (Aryan)” for approximately 700 hundred years before it migrated to China. However, a recent archeological find in Afghanistan has revealed a Buddhist temple that evidently was in operation for centuries, yet buried under stratum indicating a last functioning use of approximately 2,500 years ago.
This find is in accord with Buddhist concept that The Teaching is in fact as old as humanity itself, undergoing cycles of flourishing and abating.
When ongoing practice stops, the power of delusion is directly proportional to the power of the source that at one time transcended it. Thus, the delusion that has engulfed what was once the source of Buddhadharma, namely Western mind, has, for over three millenia been deluded by misguided mental concepts. These have taken the form of dogmatic predatory mind control religions that eventually became the active volition of Western banking. This Western hijacking of its own volition is now striving to create a New World Order of global slavery through the profits of continual war.
This period of darkness is ending.
All Enlightening Beings (Bodhisattvas) in all realms both temporal and spatial will transcend this darkness through Buddhist Concept emerging and returning to Silent Illumination.
Our Mind is capable of resounding with The Illumination of all The Buddhas of past, present and future in all realms.
When this truth is realized, even our own small Illumination within The Flower Ornament will allow the cessation of greed, hatred and ignorance thereby giving birth to The Pure Land.
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