This Universe we perceive emerges through our senses, and yet, our senses are created by the physical laws of this Universe.

Our sense portals such as eyes and ears stand apart from the nature they perceive, and yet are based upon and made of the laws they perceive.

Eyes are not images, ears are not sound.

Eyes are optical in nature, forming through a lens and projection screen the images of the world of light. Ears are frequency transducers fusing by means of a membrane the compression and rarefaction of sound waves.

The brain processes all of these sensations making an inside world and an outside world.

However, the brain is not thought, although the creation of thought cannot happen without a brain.

This leads to the great mistake that Mind is the brain.

Thus, although all senses including the brain are entities appearing separate from what they perceive, they are not separate from the Universe.

How could they be?

It is a human delusion of this current age to think that all the sensory organs are apart from what they sense, and so thinking mind makes the sum of these senses, our body and self an observer separate from the Universe.

In this way inside and outside are separated through differentiation.

This differentiation is reflected back into ourselves making an inner self different from our outer self.

What use are eyes without light, ears without sound and the countless other sensations our body-mind experiences?

Mind too is no different.

For all practical purposes and without entering the speculative religious gaming casino that postulates a disembodied soul, can you have a mind without a body?


Duality, the perceptual outcome of birth, is the natural mind function of the senses.

This mind function is the basis of the self.

This self is what we perceive, think and act through.

In truth, it is composed of inside and outside worlds that are as real as our self.

Is this self inherently good or bad?

The same question applies to life itself.

It is a great mistake to apply good or bad to this most basic perspective of self because springing from this birth-produced duality relative to other is the perceived structure of time and space, the fundamental building blocks of physical perception.

It is perceiving a warm summer morning, or a spiral galaxy millions of light years distant through a telescope’s eyepiece.

Thus from the point of our birth and onward until we die, there is a perspective of self through which all things are experienced.

It is as if at birth everything is turned inside out, yet, where was everything before conception?


From the beginning, this perspective is given meaning through suffering.

We suffer, therefore we live.

The warm amniotic Universe of the womb is left for the urgent first gasp of air, nourishment, and a need to be kept warm and protected.

Through birth, the continually intensifying perceptions of the Universe perceived in the womb have erupted into new savage potentials with the first breath.

Our first breath is done through our own volition.

It is something a mother cannot give and if we don’t take that first gasp of air, we suffer and quickly die.

This need for the next breath stays with us until our last breath.

The other subsequent fundamental cravings are initially satisfied through our mother’s compassion.


Our first breath is our own desire to live.

Because of this, it is the engine of our thought and life.

This is the birth of our body defined by a perspective now separate from mother’s womb.

Because affliction is experienced when the most basic of needs are not met right up to the most abstract of desires, this condensation of the senses forming our physical body has been called “an affliction body”.

It is the splitting of inside and outside through the birth of inside and outside.

If there was no personal suffering linked to perspective, living would be like watching T.V., playing a video game, or witnessing a wrestling match from the comfort of your living room couch.


The most profound mystery of the Universe is right before us in every breath, and yet, people spend their lives watching T.V., playing video games, or witnessing wrestling matches with the glazed hope that a saviour of some sort will come along or perhaps emerge out of the T.V. like a Deus ex machina and make things right in a version they like.

Thus, like sheep, they practice what is popular and easy, following their smiling shepherd without thought taking the form of a question like; “How many shepherds are vegetarians? If they aren’t vegetarians, then what do they eat? I don’t see too many vegetables out here in the pasture!”


All things created have their seed in our inside dream world of the unrealized.

All things of human creation arise from our inside dream realm of the unformed, seeded by necessity within the outside physical realm of actualized day to day life.

This is the function that gives birth to working invention.

This function can take the form of physics, engineering and craftsmanship.

These, to the uneducated and uninitiated appear as magical practices.

To those educated in engineering and physics, they are nothing other than a mastery of a craft or practice.

Those who practice other crafts involving geometry and symbols to obtain desired results are called Witches and Freemasons. Although the two differ in intent, Wicca is a benevolent practice arising from Vedic Aryan roots. Freemasonry is an inverted form using the same magic and symbols to further personal gain and, at the apex of its pyramid, corporate mastery of the individual and therefore the world.

This appears as the integration of inside and outside: individual feelings of want integrate with a larger framework of an organisation or corporation thus empowering the individual.

However, this integration is false.

Joining such a secret society is joining a corporation that feeds off humanity at someone’s expense.

Although it appears as integrating inside wishes with outside results, this integration is very small and petty.




Because we sense the Universe from the perspective of an affliction body driven by fundamental cravings as well as those of more abstract nature all framed within the boundaries of birth and death, it is the deepest aspiration of human beings to be free from affliction, suffering and impermanence.

This is humanity’s most cherished and fundamental inner dream.

It is the primal ether that condenses in the dreams of our inside consciousness.

It is the primal absolute integration that this inside dream condenses for all in the outside world.

This can only be done through immersion into Mind without beginnings or endings.

Such an immersion with no beginning or end is called Dhyana.

Here inside and outside integrate because both polarities are returned to silence.

The result of this integration is called Buddhadharma.


It is natural to mistake feeding cravings for freedom from cravings, so most of the unborn dreams contained inside our heart-minds unseen and unrealized in the outside world take the form of fulfilling cravings and desires defined by the outside world, only for us to find that in order to live, these cravings and desires do not go away after their feeding.

There is always the craving need of a second breath that follows the first, on and on, until it ends with our last.

This duality of inside and outside creates a differentiation as wide as the Universe itself, and is the seedbed of more afflictions that do not stop when they are fed.

This in fact, is the essence of life.

The meaning of life is the transcendence of suffering beyond feeding afflictions.

The meaning of life is the integration of inside and outside.

Blindly pursuing pleasure in fear of the emergence of suffering loses the meaning of life, the essence of life.

Furthermore, the quest for immortality is a mistaken notion clinging to the feeding of affliction to stave off affliction, thus clinging to life to stave off death.


The pain of wanting someone or something out of reach through causes and conditions in this outside world creates poignant pangs of the inner heart. This is yearning the integration of inside and outside.

The pain of rejection is very profound because it is the negation of integrating inside and outside.

Inner craving of all things outside us causes the sensation of want.

The sensation of want is the sensation of affliction.

Crimes of getting start as dreams that in their most absolute form lead to the actualization of hell on earth called war.


Rather than blindly feeding craving, the realization of this most cherished desire for freedom from affliction and impermanence lies in the realization of the nature of affliction and impermanence.

This is the realization of our true nature; our true Self.

It cannot be realized without honestly experiencing pain and suffering

This realization is of the greatest importance because it is seen through the actualization of fundamental human perception and action.

It is the realization and transcendence of our very being.

Thus through mortality is realized true immortality beyond birth and death, pain and suffering.

This is permanence beyond impermanence.

Here the integration of inside and outside is actualized without effort.

Why must anything be changed?

How wonderful!


In our ancient, timeless Aryan Tradition given freely to all humanity, laws of physical and mental nature are called dharmas.

Those who realize deeply the fundamental law of human perception are called Buddhas, and the law itself is called The Dharma.

Thus the path to emancipation from affliction and impermanence is called Buddhist Dharma, or Buddhadharma.

This is the absolute integration of inside and outside.


Buddhadharma is the opposite of religion.

Religion needs blindness and a separation from the Gods formed within it.

The reality of the Gods formed is based upon the strength of human blindness and the need to follow and believe to get rewards in this life, or a conjectured after life.

The more blind a person is, the more religious they are and inside and outside are split as wide as heaven and earth.

The God of a merchant will differ from the God or Gods of craftsmen and warriors.

The former will be centred around the profit of self by whatever means on a separate other, while the latter will be dedicated to self sacrifice for the common good of others.

Thus, if infiltrated into the living mind function of craftsmen and warriors, the God of the merchant will kill off the Gods of the craftsman and warriors, thus enslaving the religious to serve the one God, and increase the heavenly profits of the merchant and its one God personal or corporate egregore.

It is our current dilemma that the God of selling through advertising/news/media/higher education has taken control of the Gods of craftsmen, engineers, and warriors, having tranquilized and killed the Aryan Gods with a narcotic spell entered into our collective hearts.

Any one or any thing that dies will be reborn.

This is true of the Aryan Gods.


Inside imagined heavens and the outside world of life experience are different yet co-generate each other because one is born of the other.

One cannot exist without the other.

This differentiation is the basis of augmented affliction.

The more perfect the world of the Gods; the less is our own.


Enlightening Beings are not Gods.

They have the ability to cut through religious spells because they are not a function of religious mind dependent on Gods, and therefore have vast and unlimited ability to sever the shackles of delusion.

Thus Enlightening Beings who have mastered the most fundamental and precious craft or practice of integrating inside and outside worlds are not Gods.

They are no different than our own human potential.

In Sanskrit, the old language of The Aryans, they are called Bodhisattvas.

They appear in any human condition or technological epoch.

They do not rely on magic or the technology behind all things appearing as magic.

If they appear to practice magic it is because they do not cling to the perceptions of common deluded mind.

After all, isn’t this what all magic really is: an operation or function different than the common perceptions of the audience?

Thus everyone is amazed at the unexpected or expected results created by practices and manipulations they cannot see.

Enlightening Beings appear in this world because someone somewhere honestly and deeply craves emancipation from the confining, repeating endless blindness of experience without wisdom.

In not clinging, Bodhisattvas are free to respond to causes and conditions in any way available.


It can be said that The Universe Itself is generated by our deepest aspiration of becoming free of suffering while fully experiencing The Universe.

Stand apart from it and there’s a random inhuman wet dream of interstellar dust to be observed.

Stand apart from life and The Universe is all things outside yourself….electrons, protons, muons, gluons.

This is life desiccated and desecrated by mistaking a beautiful concept appearing in a text book, on a blackboard, an overhead projector or a computer screen for the Universe.

It is somebody else’s wet dream taken for your reality.

Inside and outside are split apart as wide as earth and heaven.

To realize that the Universe is generated by you for you outside of intellectual activity while not ignoring it, that inside and outside are inexplicably fused without the need to change a single law or dharma or its intellectual perception, is your birthright.

This is the integration of inside and outside.

It is the integration of self-nature and Buddha-nature that happens in no other place than your own heart-mind now vanished as distinct from The Universe.

Is there a better explanation as to why You and The Universe exist?


Through the all-encompassing experience of birth, we are blind to the co-dependence of craving and suffering.

If craving is considered a thing to eliminate, then what creates and sustains life should also be considered a thing to eliminate.

Is this particularly healthy?

Is it in line with the deepest cherished wish of humanity to be free of affliction and impermanence?

Through the all-encompassing experience of birth, we are ignorant of the True Nature of the Universe, ourselves and all things of our particular inside and outside worlds.

This enslaves us to the painful differentiation of these worlds.

Integrating these worlds is integrating inside and outside.

This is the realization of humanity’s most cherished desire.

It is the realization of freedom from affliction and impermanence.

Is there anything more urgent?

Is there anything more important?


In mathematics, the operation of integration is sometimes said to be the inverse operation of differentiation.

In other words, integration undoes differentiation and vice versa.

However, deeper mathematical investigation indicates that this is not really a good analysis, and that it is better to simply accept that the tool of integration co-exists with the tool of differentiation. It only appears that differentiation and integration are inverse operations.

This is no accident.

It is also no accident that Calculus, the powerful mathematics of differentiation and integration, is a product of Aryan mind.

However, blind for millennia to the Buddhadharma inherent in Aryan nature, the act of differentiation and integration only had meaning to the external outside world differentiated by the perspective of observer and object observed.

This is clinging to self and other.

Thus integration’s greatest power is lost, only to function as a shadow puppet mapping forms on a screen external to mind.

In so doing, the deepest meaning of The Ancient Egyptian Hermetica is lost, and the world we live in is infested with the shallow magical machinations of money/commodity based Free Masonry.


Integrating inside and outside worlds does not necessitate undoing the myriad conditions arising from mind’s differentiation.

Therefore, self does not vanish with integration although, through birth and subsequent natural thought, it is definitely a function of differentiation.


The inside realm of mind is our inner world of private unseen thought-entities condensing in time and space that we have not given volition to. Because they are not given volition, they do not emerge in the outside world of time and space, matter and action. However, they have the very real potential of forming the words and deeds defining what we are and what we will become.

Here lies the essence of choice.


What is the fundamental difference between inside and outside?

Through birth we enter a particular point in history on a particular point on the surface of this world given to general wealth or poverty, peace and war, wherein a particular spectrum of thought-concepts prevail.

Thus we are Canadian or American, Polish or German, Chinese or Japanese.

These differentiations are the long-term products of religious dogma inseparable from political volition and have little to do with our fundamental nature.

Even though these differences have nothing to do with our fundamental true nature, our volition has been and is currently channelled through the commercial-religious marketing of political volition into action.

Chinese is deceptive because it denotes both race and political manifestation.

The current political manifestation of what is “Chinese” is very different than that which formed Chinese culture. Modern mainland China is a function of Masonic banking, the five pointed star and the import and theft of thousands of years of Aryan manufacturing science and technology.

Where in modern China is the practice of Taoism?

Instead there is rabid slave labour producing all things Western, driven by unregulated environmentally destroying power production.

Lands that were home to Chinese people for thousands of years have been flooded while cut throat business practices destroy what is natural through rabid free enterprise.


Do not be fooled by “The New World Order”.

Do not be fooled by those who say that thoughts of differentiation between races causes war.

If the causes of differentiation are the heart of affliction, then white people should stop appearing white to the eye, black people should not appear black and everybody should act the same.

The magic of invention should be stopped because it shows some sharper than others.

Is this not a more sweeping discrimination?

It causes the dull, out of jealousy, to feel bad about themselves and project their hate on the luminous. This leads to a society of snitches fueling persecution and a deepening dark age wherein the Aryan spirit is trampled for the volition of the lazy and inferior.

This was the true cause of Two World Wars.

Even the Athenians realized that modern media’s much touted “democracy for all” doesn’t work. A very small percentage of the Athenian population were permitted to vote, thus pre-filtering the results.

Open democracy is mob rule, and as such, a channel of human volition to the lowest common denominator.


The most cherished wish of humanity is contained within us all.

It is through deluded concept and subsequent channeling of our volition of feeding cravings in order to sustain life, then feeding more and more abstract cravings with even more volition channeled into getting and feeding that the way of emancipation is not lost since it will always exist, but without correct concept will always be mistaken.

It is through this delusion that the common good can be used to promote the greatest of evil.

Therefore, to become aware of a deep unease with how you perceive and act in this life is a great and precious blessing.

This takes the form of realizing a tormenting lack of harmony and integration between inside and outside consciousness. A difference between what is deeply cherished inside and what is actualized outside.

This is called The Mind That Seeks The Way.

By its nature, this precious blossoming awareness is not always pleasant. It is brought into consciousness by catalysts contained in life that are themselves not always pleasant.

They are not always pleasant because they are still framed with the deluded forces channeling our volition to seek a space wherein affliction is not felt.


Thus the greatest compassion is the integration of inside and outside.

This alleviates suffering in both the upper world of heavenly aspiration and the lower world of Samsara.

Such compassion is absolute because you will be liberated while liberating all sentient beings.

How can this be?

Inside and outside Mind are integrated.

This beginningless and endless process is the practice of Dhyana.