Physics was made mathematical at the turn of the 19th and 20 Centuries by an interpretation of events called “The Special Theory of Relativity” by  Albert Einstein.

Although a brilliant exercise of borrowed mathematical analysis, it survived and flourished because  financial powers willed it to survive. In this way these powers had all important control of the public awareness of what the magic of physics and engineering can produce. This was, and still is made into a thought monopoly because the same financial entities also controled university funding and research as well as owning the public media.

At the higher opposite end of the physical science and engineering spectrum, the German Socialist mathematician Carl Steinmetz made mathematics fit observed electrical and magnetic field phenomenon obtained through experimentation rather than conjecture.

Einstein practiced “Gedanken Experiments” or experiments of the mind. Steinmetz based his engineering mathematics to represent as simply and workably as possible actual perceived experimental effects. His mathematics is what is used in electrical engineering, not Einstein’s.

Flowing from the work of Steinmetz was the brilliant experimental work of the Serbian American genius Nicola Tesla. Steinmetz paved the way for Tesla’s experiments, the results of which Tesla found baffling. Apparently he could create things of great power using no fuel, or at least fuel as is understood in the physics taught in universities.

For this both Steinmetz and Tesla were buried from fame and collective consciousness by the Western banking powers, now in control of the world. With their wealth based upon oil, weapons manufacture and war, they do not want anything to change in order to implement their New World Order.

Thus the great popularity of Einstein and relativistic physics.

Fortunately, the Nature of The Universe is change.

What Steinmetz, Tesla and others have found is, by their own admission, mysterious. It is not the same interpretation of mathematics and physics taught in universities. Instead of being the focal point of perceived reality, mathematics is seen simply as a tool; a set of paint brushes necessary to paint on the mind’s canvas, its own nature.

Why is this current media inspired deception so popular?

Follow the money.

Universities exist through funding from banking entities.

Banking entities have an agenda that is not in our best interest based in weapons manufacture, war and primitive oil based fuels.

Because of this, what is non polluting, unlimited and free is hidden at the expense of our well being and world peace.

The drones of media who call themselves scientists are careful not to mention the more esoteric work of Tesla and Steinmetz, the discoveries of Fleishman and Pons, the claims of Stanley Meyers and the convictions of the hero Dr. Eugene Malove.


There can be no admission that these sincere people might have been correct.

Given our present world situation of nuclear and oil-fed pollution, this intentional oversight of the possibility of free clean energy is nothing short of criminal.

The new physics and mathematics incidental (as was Steinmetz’s) to the actual perceived phenomenon of experimentation is empirical. It shares the Mind of Buddhadharma of long past ages. It also shares the Mind of Buddhadharma of present and future ages.

It is not separate from the Great Matter of Self and Other, birth and death or the undeniable oneness of Observer and Universe.

Like the vilified heroes who spent their lives in the noble attempt of helping humanity rather than profiting from its slavery, Buddhist Practice will fuse and transform our emasculated physics and allow engineering feats of great and natural consequence for everyone to flourish.

In this way humanity will once again thrive in all its potential nobility.