Morning Flowers

An Authentic Guide to Buddhist Awakening

 Chapter 1


There is a natural cycle of things.

In the morning the sun rises dispelling darkness.  If we remain asleep, the wonder of gardens containing myriad flowers and all other things regaling the senses remain beyond our consciousness.

If sleep is chosen over awakening, the opportunity of actualizing our highest potential and fulfillment slips away as if the sun did not emerge. This clinging to what is familiar keeps us apart from the natural cycle of things by putting a small self-created permanence above all that is natural and changing.

In this way we keep making the same mistakes because we choose sleep over awakening.

This habitual clinging to things of impermanent nature causes unending suffering. It is taken for reality because it is held onto with all the force of craving and appears to the senses including intellect as all that there is.

Beyond the human perspective born of darkness, dawn, day and encroaching night, the sun always remains shining whether we are asleep or not. It is the perspective born of our body and earth that initially creates horizons, clouds, sky, dawn and dusk that in turn creates time, space, birth, and all taught and learned concepts of history, race and hatred that augment suffering – all things of impermanence within permanence.

Clinging to this perspective is sleep-delusion.

Breaking free from delusion is not an arbitrary path. From a perspective emerging from birth, this endless cycle can only be dissolved through awakening mind immersed and inseparable within correct meditation.

What is correct meditation?

Correct meditation is awakening mind resonant with correct concept.

Correct concept in turn is concept at once emerging and merging with the laws or dharmas of The Universe.

This absolute correct meditation resonates with the absolute all-encompassing Conceptual Law or Dharma of the Universe called Buddhadharma.

All things are a dream within a dream.

This dream within a dream is perceived as a cloud of infinite data.

Data is things, things are data – dreams within dreams.

Being conscious while asleep is a dream of awareness of this data.  However, data is useless without interpretation, and so it all comes back to our own consciousness.

Unawakened and standing apart from flowers and all things perceived is being self-entombed by the concept that things are things. When things are seen as things apart from us, this cloud of perceived data is meaningless. Then it’s impenetrable fog, impossible to see through.

If you’re happy with how you process this cloud of flowers, love, hate, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, then there is nothing driving you to awaken and get out of bed.

However, this bed is communal. It’s a function of perceptions shared by others still asleep. If you realize that this bed is sopping wet with delusion, you’ll find it imperative to jump out.

The option of staying in bed or emerging into a world of light and flowers is a function of whether you have had enough sleep and become restless. This restlessness is experienced as affliction of mind, unhappiness and discontent.

Long before the internet there was Indra’s Net of Being.

Indra was an Aryan god existing long before India was what we presently know as India.

Within his net, all beings are like glistening jewels interconnected. Here ever-present compassion flows, acting in myriad seen and unseen ways. Stand apart from this web by lack of awakened awareness and you will ride the endless tossing sea of Samsara. This sea of Samsara is none other than birth and death, pain and joy. It is all things defined and clung to as self apart from other causing continuous suffering.

Is this all there is?

Indra’s Net is not some concept foreign to Western Aryan mind. It is Western Aryan mind awakened beyond the dullness of induced religious sleep.

We live in a cloud of perception, data, and things. In and of itself this cloud has no wisdom. In and of itself, if this cloud is taken as all there is, then we are defined by it and asleep. This is the realm of lost souls, a continual regeneration of bed wetting beings with no will to get out.

It is living defined and in service of a religion-machine you have made master because you serve it rather than it serves you.

The cloud of things perceived is processed by our sense of intellect. Think of intellect as your operating system. Viruses can enter in the form of falsified data that religions use to enflame clinging to right and wrong thus controlling our actions.

Here before you is an opportunity to awaken.

Start afresh and be a beginner without the mistakes associated with beginning!

This is called freedom.

Chapter 2


Within all that is awareness, there is craving for things external generated by desires that are internal. When our internal desire for peace, joy and contentment for ourselves and others is not manifested in the external world, the difference between internal craving and external results are cause for pain and confusion. Sensing this one has reached a point of discontent with the level of consciousness and awareness lived within.

Outside things desired are perceived by the senses. Inside things including desire emerge as dreams generated by craving outside things devoutly wished.

Here are the elements of self and other. From these elements of desire emerge love and procreation as well as other things that come into being such as profit, envy, hate, and war.

This is the engine of getting, taking and selling.

If the thoughts and actions generated through craving what is external are very strong, then the reality lived in is one of getting at the expense of others. If the difference between our heartfelt dreams of personal and collective well being and what manifests in life is great, affliction emerges within the heart mind and it becomes absolutely necessary to look beyond analysis into the nature of internal dreams, wants and aspirations and the generation of what is perceived as external and craved. Thus it is imperative to enter what is always before you in the form of the greatest and most effective meditation mind can immerse within so that internal and external peace is realized.

This supreme correct meditation is Dhyana Buddhism, the meditation of The Tathagathas.

Aryan Dhyana Buddhism has no dependence of race, nationality or political correctness and its unseen objectives. Its concept resounds with the ultimate universal law or Dharma at One with The Universe and thus is beyond religion.

This Ultimate Dharma or Supreme Law of Nature arises from Aryan mind, and Aryan mind arises from this Ultimate Dharma.

In the mind-language of the ancients that formed the root of European languages wherein Indra, Shakyamuni and preceding Buddhas dating back millennia emerged, Aryan means noble. Noble of mind, action and realization in both what is now called technical and spiritual. This Noble mind is the realization and actualization of unmanipulated boundless compassion for all sentience.

Our heartfelt goal emerging from Buddhism is that all beings realize the Aryan ideal of transcending greed, hatred and ignorance regardless of race.

This birthright can once again be quickly realized so long as truth is not obstructed.

People of European descent through millennia of religious indoctrination dissonant with natural laws have lost their Aryan birthright. However, the fire of Aryan invention continues unabated and is shared selflessly with all of humanity without the wisdom to realize that what other races want is to dominate of each other through Aryan weaponry.

This has happened before.

That Aryan god responsible was Prometheus.

If other races do not share the Aryan dream of fusing mind with Universe thereby realizing True Mind, they should be left alone to fulfill their karma without the pestilence of missionaries trying to convert them by killing their gods, spirits and will to survive.

Should others attack the refuge of Aryans, such transgression must be dealt with militarily and without mercy. This is called self defense or self preservation. The absence of this uncompromised will to defend our self and our people so that Great Self can be realized is nothing other than the suicide of all humanity.

Those who are not of European descent have become Aryan through the aspiration of self betterment, world peace and the actualization of joy and contentment of all people.

China received Mahayana Buddhism from European-like inventors that once occupied Northern India in wave upon wave spanning millennia. The racial mix of Northern India quickly changed with time through the Aryan race interbreeding as it had done before, and the fire of Buddhist Practice subsided. The fabled Aryans didn’t leave, they just melted into the racial tapestry of India maintaining their position as the ruling caste.

Like a resonating bell, the waves of Aryan mind embodying noble Buddhist qualities who entered India over the ages became fainter and fainter, the latest being the Christian British.

Being Aryan, Britain like India developed a caste system. However, within their caste system, the City of London harboured a secretive cabal of non-British bankers who profited from war and human misery.

They still do.

China provided a new home for Mahayana Buddhism and kept the flame of realization alive, spreading it to Korea, Vietnam and Japan.

This thousand year history practically ended with the horrid mass exterminations of the last century. In China, Both sides of this extermination of 30 to 50 million people was created and funded by Judaeo Christian banking interests, the same entity that caused both First and Second World Wars where British, French, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand Aryans killed German and Austrian Aryans and the German and Austrian Aryans very effectively returned the favor.

In Russia and the Ukraine the most horrible of mass exterminations happened quietly and systematically.  Over 30 million Aryan Ukrainians were starved to death in one winter by predominantly Jewish Bolsheviks, their bodies left to rot by roadsides. The Jewish owned news media in The U.S. stayed purposely silent concerning this atrocity leaving Americans ignorant of the truth because the Communist demons perpetrating this horror were of the same faith. Even to this day this fact remains buried, yet Aryan Germany is constantly blamed for similar atrocities that have been conclusively proven they never did.

When Soviet extermination is rarely talked about without inclusion of targeting the Aryan Germans, the blame is pinned very correctly on the Russian military.  For this reason people are led to believe that there is something beyond brutal in the Russian character without knowing the nature of the problem. After all, the Russian Communists slaughtered millions of Aryan Russians as well. What is overlooked is the supremacist element calling themselves “god’s chosen” whose sense of entitlement is written into their Talmud and exercised in the cowardly practice of mass extermination, then taking the wealth of those no longer living.

Because these truths resonant with historical events are intentionally buried in Europe and North America to this day means that the source of unimaginable greed, hatred and ignorance is very much alive here, and waiting for the opportunity when a disarmed citizenry through gun laws, white guilt and a continuum of media lies weakens us.

Communism is the inverse of Aryan Mind. It supports the vile and weak at the expense of those who transcend the human condition through their work and dreams. It is solely a Jewish creation aimed at enslaving or annihilating the Aryan race.

The noble quest to realize mind beyond small self is beyond time and space; the definers of continents, race and history.

However, this noble Aryan quest has been subtly infected from inside by elements of greed, hatred and ignorance emerging from poisoned religious perspective designed to turn Aryan mind back onto itself with self loathing.

This poisoned perspective is molded by unquestioning acceptance of religion, history and popular science separating mind through analysis from perceived phenomena.

At this juncture in time we have the most profound of choices.

We have the choice of personally entering peace for ourselves and others, or succumbing to the forces of internal and external torment framed within a background of constant war with ourselves and others.

Through correct meditation, individual volition and action can live the most noble and cherished dream of awakened freedom from suffering for one’s self and all sentience. This wish has the potential to perpetuate the flourishing of humanity in its most noble science, art and craftsmanship because it resonates with all things natural, nourishing and transcendent.

Here is the fusion of self and other within the light of ultimate compassion.

This is a noble most cherished dream. However, it will remain only a dream unless we make it our own experience. Making it our own experience is the compassionate practice of Dhyana Buddhism.

Dhyana Buddhism emerges from Aryan mind, and Aryan mind emerges from Dhyana Buddhism.

Have faith in this.

Have pride in this.

by Laughing Cloud