The Flowering of Awakening, Liberation and World Peace

This offering is a plea to all who value the well-being of others over self.
Buddhist Practice has been morphed by Western Religion and corporate media into a politically correct hybrid that splits practitioner apart from all that is natural and in harmony with The Universe.
In this way, it is no longer Buddhist Practice.
Over the past half century, Buddhism practiced by Westerners was one of accepting The Buddha’s Teaching and practicing assiduously to be free from vexing afflictions and uncertainty.
However, once results were experienced and vindicated by imported teachers, or teachers acting as franchise owners of imported teaching lines from cultures very different, the old Western family religions such as Judaism and Christianity modified the practitioner’s views into a false set of paradigms outside the Buddha’s Eightfold Path.
Jewish control over Buddhism is an obvious outcome, and Monotheistic Judaism is the source from which Christianity and Islam emerge.
What is a Jew and what is a Christian?
Christians can morph into Jews and Jews have morphed into Christians.
The Catholic Inquisitor Torquemada is perhaps the most famous example.

If you practice The Great Way of Buddha, then practice The Great Way of Buddha!
Stop morphing into Jewishness or being Christian.
Christian paradigms foreign to Buddhism such as forgiveness in place of karma and punishment run rampant in Western Zen Teaching Centres.
In China, Korea and Pre-Meiji Japan, if a Zen practitioner/monk did an act that was against The Precepts and common decency, they were severely beaten, disrobed and thrown out the monastery gate.
In Toronto, a sexual predator Zen teacher was recalled to mother temple after being exposed, and the Canadian membership gave him a free car to keep as a gift to make the trip.

Unprecedented in recorded history, humanity is at a crossroads whether to flourish as human beings and all that the noblest aspects of being human entails, or to destroy our self and most of all sentience through the ultimate demonic stupidity of war and the hidden genocide of The Aryan Race who naturally embody nobility in deed and act.
“Aryan genocide?” you may ask.
“I thought it was those evil Aryan Germans that started the Second World War!”
Well, I’ll break it to you as gently as I can.
You’ve been lied to, and believing these lies, live in a deluded state.
The good news is, this is exactly what true Buddhist Practice offers emancipation from with the most direct of illumination/remedies.
Perceive that there is something called “The Truth” beyond the fabrications and false media story telling commonly called “lies”.
Realizing what is true is a direct function of illuminating with right concept, meditation, views, effort, intent, action, livelihood and speech what is clung to.
This collection of self-evident parameters of mind-illumination is The Eight-Fold Noble or Aryan Path of Buddhism.
Such a Noble Practice of Illumination cuts through what is clung and attached to thereby purifying karma beyond any other practice.
It is not for the weak of spirit, and it is not for those who, after some small measure of results, fall back to familiar religious paradigms.
It is also not for the inherently dishonest.
The practice of Buddhadharma is the most noble of human activities nurturing the continuation of civilization and the ordered harmonic placement of each race within it.
This is a celebration of the working manifestation of wonderful inequalities inherent in each race.
However, if these inequalities foster out of a sense of entitlement and envy hatred, violence and subversion, those races are best left outside the Aryan net of civilizated compassion to work out their karmas on their own rather than being integrated.

Aryan is the Sanskrit word meaning Noble.
Civilization emerging through Buddhist Practice is Noble.
It is the most precious condensation of matter, energy and consciousness.
This condensation of consciousness is Aryan Civilization.

However, it must be realized that this is not the direction our religious leaders and governments are sending us.
Does it not seem strange that the massive conflagration of the Second World War in which the current forces and ideologies running the world claimed victory over evil, has not produced world peace, nor the vanquishing of evil murderous acts by corporate governments?

In light of Buddhist Concept and Practice, I will very briefly illuminate here the most pivotal historic truth of what happened in the years immediately leading up to World War Two that if illuminated in truth, will explain the ongoing wars and terror we now experience, and return these maladies to silence.
I ask you not to take my word for what I say but become a luminous lamp unto yourself.
These matters are not trivial, and will, if not illuminated by your light, cause the demise of Civilization and all that is human.

Hidden from the accepted historic record, there is in existence impassioned pleas in the form of letters and filmed speeches from 1938 of Hitler trying to avert war in the face of ethnic cleansing by Polish Jewish nationals supported by Britain and France within the Danzig Corridor that those same political entities created to punish Germany after The First World War – a war Germany did not start.
These documents exist, as do the facts that stand at odds with the demonization of the German People.

They can be found in M.S. King’s The Bad War, as well as other sources.

Both France and Britain’s political volition was molded by Zionist Jewish banking forces centred in The City of London, hell-bent on maintaining their existing overlord economic status of the world.
Hitler, in his own words, did not want to take over the world.
Britain already had, and saw the Aryan race of Germany as well as the indigenous Aryans of Britain, France and their colonies as something to be sacrificed in an orgy of death and violence that had as its sole purpose profit at the expense of humanity.
In the decades before Poland was invaded, mass Aryan extermination carried out by Bolshevik Jews took place in the Ukraine in the order of over twenty million souls, and within Russia with an extermination of Aryan Christians of an even great number.
This was, and still is all hidden in the official news venues of Europe and North America.
When the ethnic cleansing of Germans within the Danzig Corridor did not stop, Hitler had no choice but to invade Poland.
Many Poles agreed with Hitler.
Over Forty Thousand Polish Aryans were forever silenced in the Katyn Forest by Bolshevik and Polish Jews after the Russian invasion from the North.
Know that all of these facts resonant with what really happened are readily available through the oracle of your computer tuned to non-controlled media.
You need to triangulate these illuminated facts with the light of your own mind, and not take them at face value, as is encouraged in state-run schooling that pushes established false history.

And so, if we emerge in non-attachment from a sea of sanctioned lies and historic distortion, we find ourselves at a turning point from which a new golden age will arise.
But this can only happen if humanity is not driven by greed, hatred and ignorance firmly lodged in a narrative of truth emanating from demonic entities.
Greed, hatred and ignorance are the food and products of demons hell-bent to cause the natural emergence of this potential new golden age to be stillborn through the genocide both culturally and physically of those who are potentially noble or Aryan.
In the West and elsewhere, these demons have found a new sanctuary sporting Buddhist robes and shaved heads, thereby appearing as teachers.
This is no accident.
Buddhist teaching is the last refuge of Aryan Mind.
If this refuge of Buddha, Dharma and the community of practitioners called Sangha is infected with lies, these three refuges become debased.
The reluctance of Buddhist Teachers to investigate what is true emerging from the Heart-Mind Practice of The Buddha, perpetuates evil and aligns them more with Asuras and Nagas than Bodhisattvas.
But here is the most important aspect of this plea.
All humans born of an affliction body, no matter how spiritually developed they think they are or have been told and no matter what magical costume and hair style they wear, have in the nature of getting and having the ever-present potential to become demonic in thought and action.
And it is this potential that maintains Buddhist Practice as a way beyond greed, hatred and ignorance.
Without demons and fearful guardian entities hovering at the gate of emancipation, there would be no gate, and no emancipation.
To those waking up to the truth that mass forced immigration into Europe and North America is designed to destroy all that is Aryan, and that the military machinations of those victorious after the Second World War are doing their best to start another conflagration, this time with Russia, this Gateless Gate of Buddhist Illumination/Practice not bought and paid for by demons, but the Buddhist Practice of your own Aryan Mind, is beyond all else, the singular most important thing you can devote your life to.
The manifestation of Buddhas of innumerable forms and attributes happens when there is no self awareness of being A Buddha.
Here there is nothing to be called “Holy”.
Enlightening Beings, or Bodhisattvas still function through self-awareness, the natural outcome of an affliction body illuminated by The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths.
This is the working laboratory of emancipation for all sentience, its working science the illumination and putting to rest what is not true.
In this way, to be a Buddhist teacher is to stop being influenced by Judaism, Christianity and Corporate Media.
This only becomes difficult when your practice of illumination has been let down.

Affliction and suffering are dissonances in contrast to resonant harmony with all that is.
The sating or quenching of dissonant affliction and suffering is the driver of all things living.
Realize that within the realm of humanity there are two fundamental paths.
The first is sating through getting the needs so acutely experienced at birth and beyond with this physical affliction body umbilically linked to the realm of Samsara, the sea of cause and effect predicated with suffering.
The second path is harmonizing with all that is while maintaining this affliction body and thereby cutting away the clinging vines of entanglement separating us from our true nature.
This second path is the path of upward evolution and civilization.

Within this tossing sea of Samsara experienced through our affliction body, we naturally yearn for release and freedom.
Taking the path of getting and mistaking it for true freedom shackles us to the wheel of birth and death through karmic recycling of mistaken realities taken as being the truth.
This choice of getting over retuning and resonating with The Universe is the practice of devolving as a living entity. It sets up a karmic coupling of action and reaction which takes us infinitely off course, divergent from humanity’s highest aspirations as well as our own.
But here is where this plea for action is most critical.
No matter what has happened or is happening, all one needs to do is correct the course one is on through correct concept and meditation.
With diligence arising out of the illumination of correct views and correct meditation, when dissonance appears, and you reset your course, you’ll eventually reach the other shore.
However, by clinging to self-satisfaction and getting endlessly generated by sating, the open portal of what exists beyond the self is welded shut.
Religious dogmatic concept peculiar to Western Civilization welds this ever-present portal shut by getting and going, profit and loss, right and wrong, all framed in judgements emanating from a God-construct outside our own heart minds, and existing as an overlord.
The inception of Western Religion killed off the natural pantheon of Pagan Gods of far longer history with a singular jealous and malicious God. This God was the mirror image/creation of a people ejected from the decaying corpse of a once multitheistic Ancient Egypt.
Shortly thereafter, Judaism, while maintaining its selfish and jealous God-chosen supremacist position, morphed into Christianity and Islam.
Christianity was spread by the sword and financial coercion, not by inherent appeal and liberating effects.
This was the intelligent demonic product of the God wedge of a supremacist people forcefully driven into Aryan Mind by Roman Emperor Constantine in Nicaea. Its hidden agenda was – and still is – to eventually destroy Aryan Mind from within.
Christianity, the son of Judaism, embodied in its corporation the wonderful compassionate aspects of Aryan mind and character, yet, like a virus imitating its host, intentionally distorted these Noble attributes with dissonant, unworkable and self-destructive concepts such as forgiveness in place of Aryan non-attachment, and equality rather than celebrating the diversity of different races within an Aryan framework.
The results we are seeing to this day are from a designed pathologically weak Christian set of paradigms, and a forthright attempt to destroy the Aryans who produced Gauss, Leibnitz, Goethe, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart… with mass immigration of dissonant demonic monotheistic entities invited by what is called The Christian Democratic Union of Angela Merkel.
And all this is justified by historic lies that, if not illuminated, fester and infect our collective consciousness.
Jewish written concept found in the Talmud can be accurately summarized as “Us against them” – the essence of demonology.
Notice that all Jewish holidays are commemorations of Jews slaughtering non-Jews.
Most Christian holidays have their genesis in Pagan Gods and astrological manifestations such as the Solstices.
Is this a coincidence?

Demons emerge from the wedge of God driven between all that is and our self.
Demonic entities are criminal entities.
A criminal entity is one who functions under the paradigm of self separate from others, and through acts not beneficial to others (society/civilization), profits and eats well at other’s expense.
This is anti-civilizing action, parasitic in nature and when not illuminated with truth in harmony with all that is, spreads like an infectious disease, mutating into different forms, and eventually killing the host.
The essence of civilization is to harmonize the needs of others with the needs of self through natural laws or dharmas emanating from The Heart of The Universe.
In this way, the convergence of the path of liberation includes the liberation of all sentience inseparable from the liberation of our self.
This heartfelt quest in harmony with all that is resonates within all life. Its driving force is simply that life is suffering, and that the conditions for maintaining a metabolism and therefore life itself actuates the mechanism of craving.
Without craving for our next breath, food, moisture and warmth we simply would stop living and become discontinuous.
Suffering keeps us alive.
Once again, in Buddhist Concept, this is called The Four Noble Truths.
In a dream world of virtual reality where there is no suffering coupled with actions, thought entities exist much like players of video games. Clearing out a village with automatic weapons, blowing up tanks and battle ships, or watching porn in readily available and easily accessed venues that even a seven-year-old can access, these gaming practitioners become virtual parasites living off craving and resultant suffering, because in this virtual existence they are shielded by not being physically involved.
If this natural functioning of life is created as an egregore that on its own cannot exist in the natural world without a host, then the portal for demonic entities enters human form to live off noble human existence and influence it.
The removal of responsibility linked to suffering is the essential nature of the formation of corporations wherein individuals join and their acts embodied in that corporation will not cause their person to suffer as they would if they were not so incorporated.
Thus, they become suit-wearing thought entities.
Monotheistic religions are corporations, as are governments. There is a fixed self, an image and a product or series of products made by the faceless citizens and officials therein safely contained.
Within their conceptual architecture, the body of what is karmically linked to action is virtual and ghost like. Living in a virtual game not governed by their own personal suffering, they feel they can do what they’re told in a holy book or corporate ideology and get an automatic “get out of jail free” card.
Religious corporations or governments may do the most horrific of things and the individual entities making up its conscious self are not held responsible. Every interaction becomes a function of self (the religious corporation) and other, which is nothing but augmented duality.
As an example of this mechanism, corporate executives are given “golden parachutes” when the corporation they were part of begins to crash.
The same has applied to the three religions based on dogma and a self-serving jealous God that cannot live without its subjects living, working and suffering.
It’s no accident that this psycho God only lives in a virtual heaven and this heaven is the dream product of sating what is needed to maintain life.
Thus, such religious process is the spawning realm for Satanic practices – its God-opposite called “Satan”.
In this way, both Satan and monotheistic God are one and the same because each are co-defining.
But know that it doesn’t matter what demonic form you potentially manifest when your practice of Buddhadharma weakens.
Just know that, for the sake of all sentience, return to the Illumination of Buddhadharma without attachment and all sentience that you perceive will do the same through you.
The results of this practice is the illumination of historic mistruths and the abandonment of the course these lies and deceptions have set humanity on.
Herein lies the greatest compassion for yourself, and all that lives.
– Laughing Cloud