Please check out this article from our best (rabid) friend.

The date of the Fukushima nuclear disaster was 11 – 11, (a Cabalist numerical coincidence????).

It happened a couple of years after the German poodle government gave Israel state-of-the-art German-made fuel cell (completely silent and long range) submarines capable of all sorts of nuclear hijinks.
That was time enough even to get an armed forces incapable of sinking an unescorted and unarmed Liberty Ship (The U.S.S. Liberty in 1967) time enough to reach some sort of proficiency.
Go Figure.
And now this article states that Japanese culture that refuses mass immigration and maintains Aryan Pride is –for god’s sake– the cause of the mysterious meltdown that real engineers said should not have happened.
There were fail safes within the GE nuke reactor that should have automatically shut it down on its own, save for the peculiar fact that the facility’s security company was Israeli owned and operated and had installed a large “surveillance camera” in an area restricted by security that looked remarkably like a small nuclear detonation device.
It’s a relatively easy operation to plant a small time-actuated triggering nuke on a submerged fault line, get clear of the area, and, like 911, watch the fireworks.
It’s been done before to generate a large tsunami, but not with nukes and not on a fault line.
But then again, we can rest assured that in fact the security systems for all North American nuclear facilities are owned and operated by Israel.

Check it out for yourself.

Was this what hit Trump over the head immediately after the last U.S. election?
Apparently something certainly did.
Is Israel doing extortion using the radioactive mugging of Japan as a pretext?
History has proven that these merchants of hate would certainly be up to it.

Consider the Aryan Genocide orchestrated by Bolshevic Jews of The Ukraine of the 1920’s and 30’s, what actually happened to Germany after WW2, and, like these horrid examples, the current main-stream media hidden hate-genocide of White Farmers in South Africa, also orchestrated by Jewish influences.
It is a real possiblity that, given their motto “Through deception (lying) we do war” the nightmare exists that they may have put small nukes hidden in shopping malls or kosher meat packing plants anywhere in the U.S. …and who’s to know?
Just give the Israeli staff the day off, and leave the rest of the staff (including American Jews) to vaporize as god’s will, just like on 911.
If they don’t get their way any one of American (or Canadian) cities could be host to a new crater.
And of course, they’d blame the Arabs, or “neo Nazis” or any defence we muster of our Aryan Culture (or what’s left of it) if we begin to use self-defence against massive non-white immigration.
This might explain Trump’s surreal lack of stopping the massive influx of non-Aryans into the United States, despite what he promised, then cozying up to Israel.

Of course, some might call this hate speech.

I am offened by those who might point a legal finger at me for what I say when what I say is reasonable conjecture based on historical fact intentionally hidden by the merchants of hate pointing that finger.