What follows this introduction is an open letter to Monika Schaefer, sent to her during her unjust incarceration within a German prison.
Monika Schaefer is a Canadian-born citizen who was  imprisoned illegally in Germany under Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party for making a video in Canada wherein she apologizes to her deceased German-born mother for, as a naïve youth, giving her a difficult time for allowing the Jewish Holocaust to happen.
On that video she concluded that the holocaust is a fiction, then finished with a masterful violin rendition of a jig.

Please know that there is irrefutable scientific evidence that the Holocaust is a cover myth designed to perpetuate White genocide and is why not just Germany, but all white European and North American countries are being set up for racial extermination through open immigration and resultant replacement.

If you doubt this, it is imperative that you step outside controlled media and look for yourself with an open mind.

Our Canadian government did worse than nothing to correct this transgression of international law. It allowed a foreign government to punish the activities of a Canadian citizen for things done within our borders.
Our government has simply ignored her plight, despite the protests of outraged Canadian citizens.
Her incarceration is the work of merchants of hate operating beyond and within national boundaries.
As merchants of hate, this subset of humanity are masters of indoctrination. Their indoctrination involves using group-think fostered by the media they have either infiltrated, or own and operate within. Through presentations of history-as-fact they use old film footage to create a historical reality that when questioned with empiricism emerging from truth, is illuminated to be enormous lies.
There is a very different and more reasonable version of World War 2 that the merchants of hate do not want people to consider.
If you consider and weigh the evidence in a pure, open and empirical way, you meet with virulent hatred and ostracization from society.
As a couple of brief examples, please consider these points.
Film footage of emaciated concentration victims, and soldiers in German uniforms shooting defenseless civilians are used to vilify and infect Germans with suicidal self hatred. It also imbues us with a self justified reason to kill them.
A picture is the truth of what happened, right?
In this light, pictures are taken at face value and their accompanying narrative not questioned.
If your mind is shepherded in this way, then for you all Hollywood portrayals of reality are based in truth.
However, in the case of filmed mass shootings, if you think and question for just a moment, why Germany would, while fighting a defensive war on two fronts, film and release such horrid and brutal footage that helped draw the U.S. into the conflict aimed against them?
How hard was it for the Bolsheviks to get a German uniform and Mauser rifle, then film the actual shooting of a peasant -or hundreds for that matter- at close range?
And yet we all know that the Bolshevik Russians did this to 20 to 30 million Russian Christians and it doesn’t seem to matter.
These films were initially released through Hollywood  distribution within the United States and Canada producing unquestioning hatred towards Germany.
This is something The History Chanel and Netflix still perpetuates.
Who owns The History Channel and Netflix?
Who profits?
As for the concentration camp victims, it is conveniently omitted from the thought and hate indoctrination process that with the breakdown of infrastructure through mass carpet bombing day and night as well as  high-speed low level devastation caused by American P51 long range fighters killing anything on the ground still alive to offer humanitarian aid to the wounded and buried, typhus ran rampant in both German cities and the concentration work camps that, oddly enough, the Germans placed away from major bombing targets.
The motion pictures of emaciated concentration camp inmates came as the victorious forces entered their gates with a scripted narrative. In this way we as the allies are shepherded to see how righteous and Christian we were fighting Germany.
Omitted from this narrative were countless photos of German bodies still smouldering in enormous piles, stacked like fire wood in the remnants of their cities, products of the previous night’s raid.
Also omitted from this hate inducing narrative is the fact that the newly unified state of Germany was the only European country in history giving Jews equal rights and respect a century before the conflagration of World War 2.
If the Germans wanted to exterminate the inmates of those camps, they missed a golden opportunity! They could have placed those camps next to or inside The Krupp Works, BMW, Messerschmidt or other military hardware producers, or in the heart of German cities that day and night were in the process of immolation by air. This could have had the inmates exterminated and cremated all in one shot – and for free – paid by The R.A.F. and R.C.A.F. with their use of white phosphorus, later banned due to its inhuman mode of killing.
This would be a big money saver for a country fighting for its life.
Then there’s the problem of Habeas corpus
Habeas corpus is based upon the necessity of empirical evidence justifying an accusation. Literally it means producing the body of the murdered so that the accusation of murder can be justified.
There’s very good reason this legal necessity exists.
There have not been mass graves found at any of these purported sites of extermination.
A dignified 82-year-old German woman, Ursula Haverbeck, was thrown in prison for asking the German authorities for physical evidence that these mass murders actually took place and if so, why haven’t any mass remnants been produced as proof – even modern gas-fired cremation requires bone material to be ground to dust – something the ridiculous post war crematoriums installed by the “liberating” Bolsheviks in Auschwitz and other similar franchises were incapable of.
These, and an endless stream of other enormous lies will eventually kill all humanity through hatred directed at a race of people that have given so much for its flourishing.
Monika Schaefer, a Canadian master violinist and teacher was, before her incarceration, denied participation in cultural events she once participated in and enriched, by politically-correct Canadians.
These anonymous denizens of the hidden recesses of elitist cultured group-think are the instruments of the merchants of hate and by their thoughts and actions, extinguish all that is noble in freedom of speech, thought and action.
Is this not hate itself?
And even worse, it is a cowering hate.
They are doing their best to promote Canada as a colony of donut munching TV watching idiots that believe they are intellectuals because they watch The CBC or hang on every word of Global News.
Do the spineless committee members that are the inbred appendages of biblical hate groups represent the Heart and Mind of Canada?
Deeds, not words define what people really are and do in this life, and beyond.
– Dhyana (Zen) Master Laughing Cloud

Dear Monika,
After writing this letter, I feel it would be a better help for both your cause and that of all humanity to post it as an open letter on my website, flowerornament.com.
I really appreciated your latest hand written and flower embellished letter. Forgive me for the mechanized non-handcrafted word-processed form this letter arrives to you in.
I am so glad you have your violin!
The instruments we use teach us, in much the same way as The Universe teaches us, if we choose to devote ourselves to entering the fathomless question of self and other and what seems external and what appears to us as internal.
This device I’m using could be called a keyboard instrument, I suppose. It’s a folding keyboard linked to the product of invasive damnation called the cell phone, android or infernal soul grabber.
It is so unreal, seeing people commonly out for a walk, staring down at their small black monolith, their image and body gesture at odds with all that is natural. They’re controlled and possessed within a sea of attention demanding egregores emerging out of a tiny box.
Are these people free? They think they are, and yet are controlled.
Kind of like radio-controlled models of real people!
And yet, here I am using this device because it’s compact and can edit all the screw-ups my writing is heir to.
The violin is one of the truly great children of Western Mind. I envy your choice of instruments.
My choice of instruments was, and still is, the classic Northern German organ and the wonderful contrapuntal music that emerges from it, although I do wish I had the opportunity to learn the violin with its fathomless depth of expression, and of course, portable size.
My Canadian ancestry is not what is currently considered German.
It’s Norman French and English.
However, if you go back a tiny step in history as we know it, I’m a purebred Viking, which might explain to some degree why I like sailing.
If people would only stop segregating Germans from the other European ancestral lineages, including the British, Danes, Swedes, Irish and Scots, a common wonderful heritage would emerge that should not be abused.
Unfortunately for all humanity, the most effective warrior spirit of The Aryan Race has been turned inward upon itself thanks to such entities as the controlled media and entertainment industry and one of its products, The Christian Democratic party of Angela Merkel that has now, as you are unfortunately experiencing, become The German Board of Tourism and Hospitality, putting up foreign citizens for free while letting invited and paid-for foreign rapists and vandals go free.
You are confined to prison because you are Germanic and not even a German citizen!
Well, the Canadian government is supposed to come to our aid in such outlandish situations, except that Canadian politics has reached a new low, if even that was possible.
Our government is beyond embarrassing and is downright scary because most who can still think believe it’s funny, or at least absurd without the wisdom of realizing its treasonous nature.
The Canadian government is treasonous against its own citizens!
Because the Canadian prominent race is Aryan, our government is doing everything it can to erase this prominence.
And all this after the conflagration of World Wars 1 and 2!!!!
Isn’t this a not a little bit strange?
Now, after being used like cattle, we are expected to hate ourselves along with the Germans hating themselves, and with a whimper, roll over and die.
Who wants this?
It’s the merchants of hate that point their fingers at others as being “haters” all the while being the true source and promulgator of wars and hatred.
And yet, I deeply believe/know that all this will turn very quickly because within the physics of nature unstable polarities unnatural in their manifestation flip very quickly to their opposite, then attenuate in harmony with natural laws.
However, this doesn’t happen without our conscious effort because our conscious effort is inseparable from The Universe and its physical laws.
As a Viking kid growing up in a farming community in southern Ontario, I inexplicably got overcome with a recording my Dad brought home to test his stereo system.
Dad was a fan of bongo drums and syrupy Hawaiian grass skirt music, so I must say, the recording he put on the turn table was not within the normal set of paradigms he functioned within.
His predilection for such 1950’s aural phenomena was in part due, I suppose, to spending hundreds of hours during The War flying over the North Atlantic in burnt out B17’s that the Americans sold the RCAF at a really good price. These were used by our shepherding government so that the mail could be delivered to all the kids made into soldiers, sailors and airmen. This kept their spirits up so that they, like my Dad, could continue to have a really good chance of getting killed at an early age.
With my Dad, the Germans weren’t the main threat.
It was mechanical failure over the vast north Atlantic in a burnt-out bomber turned mail plane that got that way flying with its engines leaned out and overheating to maximize range so that it could make it over open ocean from Tinian to Tokyo and back in order to drop white phosphorus and immolate every human and animal on the ground; a technique the Americans picked up from the British treatment of German cities.
Well, my Dad did live through it, and in fact, given the thousand natural shocks and injuries that marriage and civilian life provide, thought it was the best time of his life.
He joined up because he wanted, above all else, to learn to fly.
He didn’t give a damn about politics or history, except in the vaguest of terms.
This same thing could be said for much of all the Canadian guys of his generation that joined voluntarily the armed forces in that most singularly wasteful and horrid conflagration.
Most joined up to get away from farm life with the fantasy of getting laid or coming back as a hero and then getting laid.
It can be said that the primary motivation of young men is natural useful stupidity.
Useful to whom?
Useful to the good shepherds that see our youth as less than human and therefore sent to slaughter and slaughter their own to fulfill an ancient parasitic desire feeding on our natural light.
None of those kids turned soldiers counted on getting laid in the permanent sense of the word.
That was for the lying shepherding media and churches to push, both being cheer leaders for ongoing slaughter.
Rewrite history as it happens and after it happens to suit the ancient grudge an exclusive war mongering and hateful mental egregore feeds on. Then, all those young lads went to “fight evil” and died are made as sacrifices.
Aryans killing Aryans.
As the Ancient Pagan Aryan Romans used to say, “Qui Bono”?
“Who profits”?
So, getting back to how I chose the least portable of all musical instruments, the recording my Dad unwittingly put on the turn table was Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C major and Toccata in F major, played by Doctor Michael Schneider on the Luneburg organ built in the 17th Century, an organ that Bach once played.
This was a church and instrument that had the anomalous distinction of not being blown to smithereens by the Royal Air Force, as well as the Royal Canadian air force… all those young bright Aryan men who joined up to learn to fly and/or get laid, – preferably both.
For years I thought it really strange that I came in contact with that particular instrument and the wonderful music that emerged from it. To this day, I believe it is the finest recording and interpretation of those master works of Bach.
Not having much in the way of disposable income, I set about building organs, clavichords and harpsichords so that I could play that wonderful music … and perhaps get laid.
Know that your average church organ is, for that great music, an abysmal failure.
It was immediately obvious to my pre-adolescent mind that this music was in no way “Christian” although it emerged from a “Christian” environment.
Years later it became apparent to me that what possessed and resonated within Bach and that 17th Century organ was not a Christian paradigm, but the voice of Thor, residing in Christian structures and hiding in plain sight/hearing using Christian concept as a carrier wave, so to speak.
And this is what all converted Christian Europe could do without being persecuted.
It seems that everybody-and-their-dog say that Bach was deeply religious – a true Christian.
Well, he was deeply religious.
But his religion, like Mozart and Beethoven, was music.
Church, and the Hapsburg court or the concert hall were the venues that paid the bills. To think that those venues were the heart-mind source of western art is no different than mistaking the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself.
I am so glad that you got back together with your violin!!!
If they’d have handed you a cell phone or a computer, it would be just another form of confinement… at least in the way these things are commonly used.
This device teaches me nothing unless I consciously look something up.
Your violin is a great teacher, as the mechanical action classic organ is to me.
It was always an argument used by the piano-trained church musicians that the organ with its graduated loud/soft increments through registration or stop change, was inferior to the wonderful dynamic nuances obtained through the piano.
“Not enough freedom!”
Well, that all changed with the synthesizer of the late 60’s.
The miscreant electronic organ, or “toaster”, became a synthesizer in a straight jacket.
Hell, now to this day, coupled with a computer, the synthesizer has been let out of its straight jacket and the marketed freedom is boundless!!!!!
But this boundless freedom… does it work?
Compare the structured “old wig” music of Bach to the excrement that comes from “cultural diversity” and lack of discipline that is the easy freedom of electronic devices.
These electronic devices put out of work skilled craftsmen with names who through their craft transcended the constraints we find ourselves born within.

So long as the flow of ideas is one way – me into the electronic keyboard – I’m ok with it.
If it goes the other way, it must be what I consciously ask for. Then the internet is a wonderful tool.
The violin or a classic organ gives as it receives through natural laws that are mysterious and inexplicable.
Neither are an easy simple matter to master, and really, when mastered it must be asked who it is that is the master.
Bach was once asked how he could play the organ in the incredible way he did. Of course, this fueled Bach’s ongoing frustration with the local ignorance of his music that flowed from his pen, and the organ itself. To most, including this questioner, his mastery of the organ was more of a circus act.
The Master’s agitated reply was, “Hit the right notes at the right time, and the instrument plays by itself!”
As far as this plastic keyboard under my fingers goes, this damned device demands all sorts of extraneous attention like a new app it butts in with that in effect wants me to buy something I don’t need.
Oh! Such freedom!!!
This device is a nest of demons seething with attention grabbing urgencies that really don’t have any basis in reality unless you allow it to make your reality.
And that’s the idea.
However, the convenience of pumping ideas into it that may be useful to some and publish them for anyone who will listen is revolutionary.
It’s Guttenberg revisited, although, as far as I know, Guttenberg did not have his printing press demand to talk to him at 2 in the morning.
This is what now makes people’s reality.
They are told that democracy is, like their cell phones, freedom and that they are free to make choices in conjunction with the truth. What they don’t know is that the truth is crafted to suit the dictates of selfish entities that ultimately do not have humanity’s best interests at heart.
The biggest monolith… far bigger than the cell phone, is the holocaust that keeps on talking to us through our computers, tv’s and cell phones, telling us and others to hate all that is Aryan. We must hate ourselves and let others hate us.
Oh yes, there was a real holocaust!
It was and still is the holocaust of the best and brightest of Aryan German, British, Canadian, American… youth killed in action, as well as the unpublicized innumerable Aryan civilians immolated or summarily executed, raped or both by the forces that are now trying to control us through our cell phones.
It is the holocaust of the cell phone murdering the transcendent nature of mastering a real classic organ or violin.
This is the same holocaust that happened to White Russians, Ukrainians, Germans and now British, American, Canadian … all those of, like Bach, Aryan Heritage.
Monika, your violin is a portal to the Gods.
The organ is being abandoned by churches for the easy listening of folk music, as it’s called, and singing Koom-Bye-Aaah while seated on oak pews.
This is little wonder since the institution that housed the voice of Thor was a charlatan in the first place.
I really hope that your unjust incarceration ends soon.
But do know that the small portable instrument you fuse with is, in your hands, the voice of the Gods.
And beyond mere Gods, it is The Buddha’s Enlightenment.

Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to write.

– Laughing Cloud