There has been an ongoing well-engineered subversion of Western European Culture.

Its basis is the subversion of Western Mind.

The mental construct of Eastern and Western is a false paradigm created by the inherent disease of observer standing apart from phenomena thereby living isolated from The Universe and our True Nature.

Modern Einsteinian physics is this separation on steroids.

Psychology is based upon and emerges from this Godless separation.

Psychology is defined as the study of mind. In other words, psychology is mind studying mind.

Is this not a hamster wheel, a circular path entrapping our spirit?

Both have become religions enforced by and fed by financial entities that don’t have humanity’s best interests at heart. Their surreal accumulation of wealth is an indicator that these entities put self above others, above humanity.

It is common knowledge that the Buddha emerged from an Aryan warrior lineage.

He was not a product of what is now the racial mix we now identify as “Indian” but, for what the word “Aryan” means, part of a white Noble Race that became the Vedic rulers of India before interbreeding into the racial tapestry of what is now India.

Know that the word “Aryan” is a Sanskrit word meaning Noble.

Sanskrit is the highly poetic Indo-European Vedic dream language of Buddhism sharing the same root lineage as Latin, and therefore our modern European languages.

The basis of Buddhist teaching is what is called “The Four Noble (Aryan) Truths”.

These truths are interrelated and self evident.

They cannot be separated.

If they are posited in individuality, then they become a trap with no way out and one is ensnared in the mental matrix of observer versus object.

In other words, they become a function of psychology.

The First Aryan Truth is that life is suffering.

Consider our birth into this realm of time, space, and impermanence.

We emerge from the warm amniotic realm of our mother’s womb wherein all nourishment and warmth is provided into a cold, blinding emergency defined by taking our first breath.

If we don’t take this first breath we suffer and die.

This cycle continues to this present moment.

Try holding your breath for as long as you can.

What happens?

You experience fundamental suffering and must eventually gasp for air.

I doubt that any of you will become a mortality statistic due to this experiment.

if so, I offer my condolences (Your death will be chalked up to Covid 19).

The second Aryan Truth is that craving causes suffering.

Well, in order to live, we must crave air.

We must also crave warmth and nourishment, otherwise we suffer and die.

In this way suffering is the driver of life.

The Third Aryan Truth is that there is A Way Beyond Suffering.

Here is the ongoing ever-present light at the end of the birth cannel tunnel.

This light is always with us.

It’s our Birth Right.

This Birthright is a path delineated by thoughts, deeds and actions called The Eight-Fold Path.

Thus, the Four Noble Truths are interdependent, beyond time, space and impermanence.

These truths are “As sure as you’re born!”

Here lives emancipation for all sentience and it is done through us.

This is not some relativistic gedanken experiment based in the hamster wheel of advanced mathematics.

It is us, and our fusion with life and unlimited evolving perception.

No living being is born with a degree in advanced mathematics and no living being with a degree in advanced mathematics will ever perceive their True Nature through that venue.

The paradigm of “Eastern” and “Western” thought is a fundamental subversion of our Aryan Mind.

The Four Noble Truths are Aryan Thought that subtend and transcend our sense of intellect and thought itself.

In this way, Buddhism is Western. It is Aryan.

This truth can be readily seen in our classic music, art, engineering, and architecture.

Don’t look at the hand that fed it but rather the Mind from which it emerges.

If what is Natural and in harmony with The Universe (True God) resonates within us through our thoughts, work and deeds, then this viral infection will subside on its own.

It has only been subverted by the viral infection and forced vaccinations of Abrahamic religions that are nothing more than self-aggrandizing wedges driven between our True Self and God.

In this Great Way, we become Sons and Daughters of God.