OCprophecy  Is Trump The Manchurian Candidate?
Life imitates art….especially when it’s designed to do so.
As last fall’s election unveiled all manner of evil in the form of smiling new age Democrats personified by The Clintons, it was only natural that thinking compassionate people who cared for the common good of their country and humanity would be attracted to Donald Trump as a savior.
He was saying wonderful sensible things that we believed in.
Peace with Russia, leave other countries alone because it’s none of our business, bring the industry we created back home so that there is jobs for our friends and neighbours, and close the borders to illegal immigration/invasion.
And then…immediately after his inauguration as president…he suddenly changed.
His change was so dramatic and obvious it was noted by many.
What caused this immense fundamental phase shift of mind?
Was he sat down in a room resonant with a pre-programmed décor and given triggering words, images and statements activating his “other self” intentionally buried by his handlers?

Or was it something else?

For the past four or more decades he has been, and is now, very much surrounded by handlers. In the past, he was a business man who got in trouble way over his head and was bailed out  by Jewish financial bilge pumps to the extent that if he were the Titanic, he would have arrived safe, sound and dry in New York City right on time as if nothing had happened.

These handlers are of the same mental/religious egregore now centred in Israel (although this is a virtual focal point) that created psychiatry, psychology, and Tavistock/CIA’s MK Ultra through the quickly evolving ideas of the self-expressed  hater of Aryans, Sigmund Freud.

Was it something like a passage from a famous popular novel used to trigger Trump as it apparently triggered a “normal” seemingly insignificant civilian to shoot President Regan, then remain on the scene sitting while reading Catcher in the Rye as did the other “normal” insignificant person who blew away John Lennon?
Probably not, but that detail doesn’t matter.
Anything can be used as a trigger.
It could be The Queen of Diamonds playing card used in the popular 1959 novel “The Manchurian Candidate” that spawned the Hollywood movie “The Manchurian Candidate” made some five decades ago (along with a couple of recent remakes) wherein “the candidate” is triggered by seeing the The Queen of Diamonds card.
Or maybe with Trump it was another Queen of Diamonds.
Daughter Invanka Trump has, since the post inaugural trigger event, been living the very peculiar/surreal role as Father Trump’s “advisor” along with husband Jarred Kushner of Polish Jewish ancestry with strong ties to Bibi Netanyahu.
Jarred Kushner’s business tower has the address number 666.
Why is she pictured on the cover of Bazaar Magazine scantly clad, standing with her long gorgeous legs straddling a large pneumatic jack hammer under the title, “Ivanka Trump, The New Queen of Diamonds”?
And of course, isn’t the name Trump from a decisive manifestation of cards within a game of cards?

These images and events have a very disturbing resonance for those of us who care for the preservation and flourishing of non-enslaved humanity and all that stands for the common good.

However, they could have meaning hidden by the very entities that are striving for humanity’s enslavement.

The Heart of Compassion, The Great Aryan Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha, stated that True Mind cannot be grasped but at once generates and contains all manifestations.
These manifestations, like a card game, can be resonant with what is not seen by our senses due to the shuffling passage of time or separation of distance and space. They can also be the manifestations of a shuffled then pre-arranged deck we implicitly trust as being untampered with. Thus deliberate dissonances from the truth through media, falsified history and religion can be fabricated into what is grasped and held onto through natural trust.

The Mossad’s motto: “Through deception, we make war.”
This can be summed up as “profiting through lying”.

It is the pre-shuffled deck through which the Trump Card has been played.
If we rely solely on things of the senses without a practice of non-religious meditation in resonance with Great Mind or God beyond the senses, we can be blinded into performing acts that will cause untold suffering for others and ourselves for the profit of a controlling other god.

Now, that said, there are different possible interpretations of what President Trump is about.

The creation of Israel as a direct consequence of the horrors of the Second World War was designed to fulfill the Messianic prophecy that called for the eventual enthronement of a Jewish saviour, or,  from a Christian standpoint, an anti-christ.

This is the religious dog and pony show we as Europeans have been subjected to for the past couple of Millenia.